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Cute Hungry Puppy

If you prefer to bring your own food, because of a diet or just preference, this is no objection. Clearly label the food with the name of the dog and the amount that should be given per food.



Good nutrition is an important part of your dog's health and wellness.

We attach great value to this and have been working with the Carocroc brand for many years now.

It is a crispy chunk based on chicken and rice. It is available in different calorie values ​​according to the energy consumption of the dog in question.

This is included in the guest house rate.

Puppy Drinking

It is also possible with us to give your dog fresh meat, we give fresh meat from the Lotgering brand. We have this in a large number of different flavors, such as chicken, beef, fish, etc.

This is an extra service and as such an additional cost of 1 euro per 500 grams of meat sausage will be charged.

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