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In 2004 we started our dog resort.

It started with a small converted horse stable on the edge of the agricultural farm 'De Kamperhoeve'. There were 10 kennel places and a small lawn where the dogs could play with each other. This turned out to be a great success and in 2008 we transformed the adjacent piece of arable land into the new location for the resort. Here were 24 kennel places and 5 grass fields for the dogs to play. There was a small swimming pool and the different playing fields made it a nice challenge to make small groups, so that the dogs could play with buddies that fit them well in terms of energy, age and level of dominance.

In 2020 we decided to specialize further and make it an even bigger party for our four-legged guests. A large building has been built behind the existing kennel with extra luxury comfort kennels and an indoor play hall with a giant swimming pond in it.

Half a hectare of outdoor playing fields has been added and there is now a completely fenced off walking path around the complex.

A true dog resort!

Closeup of a Black Dog
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