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Day schedule

In our dog resort we have an active day program with plenty of time for playing, but also enough time to refuel and relax.

We start with a walk around 5:30 in the morning. This takes place on our walking paths around the kennel that are completely fenced off. The dogs can walk in small groups separately, or if they are still new / find it exciting, they can walk on a leash.

After this it is meal time followed by rest time to lower the food.

Around 8:30 am we start playing time, we make groups of dogs that fit together well, that can play with each other, or just want to scratch with each other. We often have a group of seniors, a group of minis, a group of cheerful, pleasantly disturbed, hyper energetic people… you name it, something for everyone. The most important thing is that everyone has a good time and feels good.

The duration of this playtime is approximately 2 hours, depending on the dogs and the level of socializing.

We bring back young dogs that quickly cross their limits, old dogs that get tired go back sooner, while the dogs that need it can use the full 2 hours.

Then it is resting time of about 2 hours. After the break it is time to go outside again and socialize, sniff, play ... everything is possible.

This takes an hour, after which they rest for another 2 hours before we take another walk and the 2nd meal is given. Between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM they can still walk alone on the lawns and

at 9:00 PM the dogs can pee before bedtime.

Eyes closed, muzzles closed. Goodnight.

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