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Comfi kennel

These kennels are our newest extension. They are located in 2 separate groups of 10 comfortable kennels on either side of the indoor play hall. Here the words peace and luxury stand out. The kennels are soundproof, have a glass front, 2 closed sides and a window at the back for natural light and fresh air in the warmer months.

The floor is equipped with a special anti-slip cast floor and has an underfloor heating system, with which we can keep the kennels pleasantly warm in the winter and with which we can cool the floor in the summer.

The kennels are at least 10 m2 in size and give the dogs a wonderful feeling of space, where they can see the other dogs, but sit safely behind their own window and can relax and unwind much better. They have their own comfortable living room, because these types of kennels are also private places and only for dogs from 1 family.

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